Technology Strategy

I work in the area of data science, technology strategy, product management, and organizational problem-solving. Most recently I have been working on data science strategy at large-scale consumer internet companies (Facebook, Quora, and Uber).

Previous projects include technology strategy consulting for a computer vision startup (Flash Foto), and product requirements specification for a predictive analytics ecommerce company.

I served as interim head of Product Management for Wyse Technology where I organized product planning and development initiatives for the company's portfolio of 20 hardware and software products. This included facilitating the ramp-up of 100-member India and China software development subsidiaries.

In 2003, I founded Neosociety, a social networking software company and technology platform for facilitating involvement in membership associations and non-profit initiatives. Other recent projects include technology and product strategy for an enterprise software infrastructure company.

As my first entrepreneurial venture, I co-founded Infoscape with Richard Williamson (later led divisions at Apple). Infoscape was a venture-backed software company that developed enterprise software in Java. Infoscape grew to 25 employees and was recognized by Upside and Computer World magazines as one of the top 100 emerging technology companies for 1998.

Prior to Infoscape, I developed object-oriented user interface software for building client/server database applications at both NeXT (a Steve Jobs company) and Oracle.

Education: A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard University with a focus on cognitive psychology and neural networks.

Home: San Francisco, California.

Research Interests
I am interested in the patterns of effective social organization, which includes collaboration strategy, corporate management strategy, and the strategies underlying effective governance in both the public and private sector. I am also interested in understanding how the brain works when viewed as a decentralized biological machine. What connects all these interests together for me is the common theme of self-organizing systems which solve classes of problems and achieve goals.

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