Selected Published Articles

Over 60 answers originally written on Quora have been republished to other media sites, including: Forbes (20+), Huffington Post (10+), Slate (8+), Business Insider (7+), Inc., The Independent (UK), Medical Daily, and others.

Selected published articles:

Forbes (Aug 29, 2017): How Does The Brain Combine All Five Senses Into One Reality?  

Huffington Post (Aug 15, 2017): Why Facebook Actually Shut Down an Artificial Intelligence Program That Created Its Own Language  

Forbes (Aug 9, 2017): Seven Scientific Fields Are Competing To Unlock The Mystery Of Human Consciousness  

Forbes (Dec 12, 2016): Seven Things Neuroscientists Know That Most People Don’t  

Medical Daily (Oct 22, 2016): Memory Storage: What Happens To Forgotten Memories In The Brain?  

Forbes (Sep 27, 2016): Why Do We Dream? Recent Developments In Neuroscience May Have The Answer  

Forbes (Sep 27, 2016): Is The Human Brain Analog Or Digital?  

Huffington Post (Aug 2, 2016): How Do Our Brains Process Another Person’s Gaze?  

Inc. (Aug 2, 2016): Why Younger People Are Way More Creative  

Forbes (May 11, 2016): Is Our Sense Of Self Just A Chemical Reaction?  

Forbes (Apr 28, 2016): How Does An Individual Neuron Learn?  

Slate (Mar 23, 2016): Where Do the Voices in Our Heads Come From When Reading?  

Forbes (Feb 1, 2016): Unraveling The Mystery Of The Human Memory  

Huffington Post (Jun 23, 2015): What Are Dreams?  

Huffington Post (Jun 3, 2015): What Is the Science Behind Hypnosis?  

Huffington Post (May 11, 2015): Blue and Black or White and Gold? A Neuroscientist Tackles the Viral Dress Phenomenon  

Business Insider (Dec 3, 2014) 7 Facts About The Brain That Will Change The Way You See The World  

Huffington Post (Sep 19, 2014): Why Don’t We Remember Our Infant and Toddler Days?  

Huffington Post (Sep 17, 2014): Do We All See the Same Colors?  

The Independent (UK) (Sep 12, 2014): Let me ask you this: 'Why aren't there smells in dreams?  

Huffington Post (Aug 20, 2014): Why Do We Sleep?  

Forbes (Dec 16, 2013): What Advice Can Neuroscientists Give To UI/UX Designers?  

Slate (Oct 3, 2013): What Is Dreaming?  

Slate (Jun 17, 2013): What Is the Relationship Between Working Memory and Intelligence?  

Huffington Post (Apr 8, 2013): What Happens in My Brain When I Can’t Recall Something I Know?  

Forbes (Feb 8, 2013): If Willpower Is Like A Muscle, How Does This Actually Work In The Brain?  

Forbes (Aug 2, 2012): What Is The Current Thinking About Myers Briggs?  

Forbes (Nov 4, 2011): How Do We Know When Someone Is Looking At Us?