Synopsis: data scientist. theoretical neuroscientist. product strategist. software technologist. concerned citizen.

I currently work at the intersection data science and technology product strategy. On the website Quora, I write extensively about neuroscience, AI, and Consciousness from my time at the UC Berekeley Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. I am a one-time software entrepreneur with interests at the intersection of psychology, society, AI, neuroscience, and technology strategy.

Most recently, I've been leading data science teams, first at Facebook , then Quora, and now Uber with projects spanning user engagement optimization and machine learning.

While at the UC Berkeley Theoretical Neuroscience Center as a visiting scholar I worked on computational neuroscience models of spiking networks in vision. Earlier in my career, I founded two software companies, one of which was an early social networking company started at the same time as LinkedIn and Facebook. I started out as a software engineer at NeXT (a Steve Jobs company) and Oracle after studying computer science at Harvard.

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