data scientist. theoretical neuroscientist. product strategist. software technologist. concerned citizen.

I currently work at the intersection data science and technology product strategy. On the website Quora, I write about neuroscience, AI, and Consciousness (1000+ articles) from my time at the UC Berekeley Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. I am a one-time software entrepreneur with interests at the intersection of psychology, society, AI, neuroscience, and technology strategy.

Most recently, I've been leading data science teams, first at Facebook, then Quora, and now Uber with projects spanning user engagement optimization and machine learning.

While at the UC Berkeley Theoretical Neuroscience Center as a visiting scholar I worked on computational neuroscience models of spiking networks in vision. Earlier in my career, I founded two software companies, one of which was an early social networking company started at the same time as LinkedIn and Facebook. I started out as a software engineer at NeXT (a Steve Jobs company) and Oracle after studying computer science at Harvard.

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